CVeze Terms of Service

CVeze is a small but exciting service that allows you to manage multiple CVs, and design specific CVs for each job that you apply for.

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As a free service, we offer no service level guarantees. We backup our servers daily, so if you are creating a new CV, remember to export to Word every so often to keep a backup of your work.

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It is entirely at our discretion who uses the website and any abuse will result in termination and deletion of your account. We will not do this without prior warning.


Working on your screenplay

6 Acts is designed to create essentially screenplays with 6 intertwining story arcs. Each story arc can have up to 6 beats, and each set of beats for each arc could be considered an act. Convoluted? Yup.

To create a new screenplay, simply enter a title into the box that says 'Screenplay title' on the home page and press the Create new screenplay button.

You will be taken to the screenplay editor. This consists of three columns: arcs, beats and the draft script.

To edit the script's title, click on the title in the editor view and change it.

Each story is fixed with 6 arcs and 36 beats. Use the magnifying glass icon in the arcs section to filter the beats and screenplay for that arc.

Create your arcs and beats, and start drafting your screenplay. Be sure to refer to the help icon in the top right of each column for specific information

The home buttons take you back to a list of your screenplay projects. You can delete a project by pressing the delete button at the end of each listing bar.

When you are in the editor, you can preview your whole screenplay at any point by pressing Read script (and then the same button again to return to the editor) in the footer bar.

You can also export your script as a text file by pressing Export script in the footer bar. You can then load this file into Final Draft or a screenwriting editor of your choice.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to